Welcometo our website! Pinewind Farm is located in the rural hills of Western New York about an hour and a half south of Buffalo. We maintain a small rabbitry with a focus mainly on the Silver breed of rabbit. As Silver Rabbit breeders we strive to produce healthy, quality Silver rabbits suitable for pets and show.  We enjoy showing our rabbits but they are also our pets! We have found the Silvers to be bright, curious, gentle and a delight to keep!

We invite you to look at the rabbits here on our website and to contact us if you are looking for a Silver rabbit,  have any questions, or just to say hello and share rabbit talk, ideas, experiences and information!

We also raise registered Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats and would be happy to talk with you about goats as well!

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On our "Gallery" Page you can enjoy photos that we have taken around Pinewind Farm, such as these (click a picture for a larger view) :

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Show News!

 * Windy Willows Asia (PC8) 6/8 Doe takes BOSB at the PaSRBA show in Lebanon Pa Feb 3, 2013 for her 3rd GC Leg!

* Momma Joe's Faith (A1J7)Jr Doe takes BOSB at the PaSRBA show in Lebanon Pa Feb 2, 2013 for her 1st GC Leg at her very first show!


Happy New Year!

New American Chinchilla pictures are up.

August 2012:

Fair news!

Pinewind Rabbits had a pretty good showing at the Erie County Fair ARBA show!  My Silver Sr Buck was BOB with my Jr Doe taking BOSB! Silvers had a good representation too with the combined entry of all three varieties of 15! In the Am Chinchilla my Sr Buck was BOSB also over 15 entries.

Also, we just had a litter of Silvers born August 11.  Dam is Avery and sire a borrowed buck that belongs to a friend of mine, eager to see how this potentially nice litter comes out!

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